Guild events


Prodeko is not only advocacy and social and business-related developing of guild members but we also organise every year great events for both guild members and our alumni. Prodeko's IE (Host, Minister of Internal affairs and Hostess team) is responsible for the entirety of events. Below the greatest and most known events of Prodeko are presented. If you have an idea for Prodeko, please contact or





Diskonttaus is annual ball to celebrate the whole Prodeko community. People put their suits, long dresses and academic decorations on and enjoy tasting food and refreshing drinks. Annual ball include often coctail event where guests bring gifts to guild, after coctail event there are the main dinner and after that the afterparty. On the next morning there is sillis breakfast. Diskonttaus ringmaster is responsible for the event with his/her committee. Freshmen also help with the parties. Traditionally Prodeko's Diskonttaus is held in the middle of October. The week before main event there are Annual ball week party and culture events. 


Prodeko Seminar

Prodeko Seminar is an event to bring together guild students, alumni and the department of Industrial Engineering and Management. The event has grown last years and nowadays it's the main event of the guild. In 2018 seminar was held in Dipoli and there were over 500 members of Prodeko society taking part. Prodeko Seminar has every year different theme. The program includes speeches from internationally known speakers and workshops. One relevant part of the day is evening program with food, drinks, music and other program. Seminar Tsar is responsible for organizing the seminar with one's committee. 




        Pig party is a decades long tradition amongst Prodeko and it was first mentioned in 70s as A Polytechnic Temperance Accosiation Half-annual Ball. This party is known all over the Helsinki metropolitan area and despite the great amount of tickets Pig party is usually sold out fast. Pig party is Prodeko's freshmen party which means that freshmen organise them and are responsible for the concept and success of the party. Theme of the party changes every year and it affects on Pig spex and decorations of Servin mökki. Tradtional climax of the party is when a whole pig is served to the folk, but vegetarians are also taken into account.     



Autumn sitsit party is first and most precisious sitsit party of the academic year. During the event new students got their first experience of Prodeko's sitsi culture. IE (Hostess committee of Prodeko) and host's team create uncredible entirety with gastronomic experiences and grateful drinks. Song leaders give their best and people can enjoy surprise perfomers. Next day there is sillis breakfast hosted by Polytechnic Temporacy Accosiation. Autumn sitsit party is usually organized on weekend one week after orientation week.



If Autumun sitsit party is so much glamor and culinaristic delicatessen, then Wappu sitsit party is time for wappu feelings and incredible experiences. This sitsit party is organised by the board. Spirit of the happening increases into legendaric levels so don't miss this number top party of the wappu time. There can also be seen traditional and loved program parts. Wappu sitsit party is held on wappu week to end for Polytechnics Temporary Accosiation's Water week. 


Paikka X


Paikka X is an event, where guild members welcome new freshmen to Prodeko is called Place X. This every year changing and mysterious place is revealed when freshmen already are there. The date of the event is the first day of orientation week in autumn. Guild members can talk to new students, enjoy tasteful food, often also sauna and enjoy with spexes. Goodfeeling event is loved by many people and traditional start for the academic year, where students from freshmen to fabu old uncles get together.


Have You Met Suvi?

Have You Met Suvi (HYMS) has rapidly become one of guild's biggest events. This party is organised with Prodeko, Business student's association KY, Law student's association Pykälä and Medical student's association LKS and opens the summer time. Party has changed it location many times - one time it was in Hernesaari beach, sometimes in Otaniemi. Party include usuallky beer pong, jumping activities and various performers. 

Muut Sitsit

In addition to before mentioned, guild organises sitsit party about once a month. Sitsit party is an academic sitting party, and besides Autumn and Wappu sitsit party, there are a lot of other traditional ones repeated annually. One of these is Misunderstood sitsit party with Information Networks students from Athene, Archtecture students from AK and Young Designers from NuDE. Another one is Octoberfest-sitsit party on Autum with Law students from Pykälä and Medical students from LKS. We have also many sitsit parties with other guilds in Otaniemi and outside Otaniemi, and spectacular parties with new concept are organised every year.



Killan Pikkujoulut

Pre-Christmas Party is traditional event near Christmas and the first event for the new board to organise. There are Christmas food, drinks and all guild members from Freshmen to Fabu Uncle enjoying each other last time before Christmas holiday. 



Every year there are several culture events. There is no restrictions to offering and there has been events from croquis drawing evenings to movie nights in Kinopoli to tent trips to Nuuksio forest.


Kotimaan PuoliPitkä

Homeland HalfLong, KPP, is annual excursion trip to Finland. The trip is usually made by bus everywhere in Finland and it takes usually four days and includes excursion and adventures with a fun punch of people. KPP is kind of popular event and queuing to trip is its own part of art and social experience. Usually KPP is in March. 


Ulkomaan Puolipitkä

Aborad HalfLong (UPP) is an annual event, usually in September, and includes excursion and casual hanging around as its homeland sister. Last years we have been in Madrid, Tel Aviv and London.


Pitkä XQ

Long XQ is about every fourth or fifth year organised, three to four week long trip abroad. The trip needs to be planned carefully beforehand and the project is common effort for the whole guild and especially the organising group. Experience is worth of all takeoffs. In 2015 Prodekoians were in USA and in 2019 in Asia.




Academic Days

As the name of the event well describes, this event is based on academic interaction. In the event participants will work on a specific topic which is defined by organising Local Group. A student has a good possibility to increase his knowledge in industrial engineering through practice and theory.


Activity Weeks

Activity week gives you a chance to have fun and a possibility to get to know some element of the local culture – with guarantee. Locals organise a lot of activities that ensures the atmosphere among the participants will be high. For example LG Helsinki’s organised Vappu, Octoberfest in Munich and carnivals in Eindhoven have been Activity Weeks in past few years.



Europe3D combines having fun and academic life in a unique way. Three dimensions of this event stand for economy, politics and culture which all will be introduced to the participants from the point of view of the organising country. Three dimensions offers to participants a possibility to understand some country well because the locals introduces to participants really interesting parts of their country. Past Europe3D has involved for example lectures held by politicians, workshops, company visits, sightseeing and parties.


Brain Trainer

Brain trainer will give you a chance to improve yourself in three aspects which are all relevant for an industrial engineering student: leadership, presentation skills and business. The educators of Brain Trainer are professional of their own field. Brain Trainer is one of the ESTIEM- events that you should add on your CV!


Summer Academy

Summer academy concentrate on increasing the knowledge in leadership and communication skills of participants. Students gather together to argue with each other and will be mentored by a professional. Like Brain Trainer, Summer Academy is an event worth of mentioning on your CV. This event takes around two weeks but during the week you will understand why.



TIMES (Tournament in Management and Engineering Skills) is a business case competition and has been one of the most popular ESTIEM-events among LG Helsinki students in past years. Participating teams will rationalize their own solution to the case based on the data and reports they get about the case. One team has 3-4 members and they will go through a local qualification first. Qualified teams will travel somewhere in Europe to the semi finals. Logically, best ones of the semi finals will continue to finals. Success in the finals is a huge merit in the labour market in Finland and overall in Europe.



Vision is an annual project which has a theme that is handled in different seminars participants will take part of. Vision’s topics are always actual and may be related to food production, customer relations or to other topics related to economy. Seminars encourage to innovative thinking and offer tools solving problems and understanding new trends. Paricipants get connections with companies because Vision is often organised with a company which suits the annual theme.



Businessbooster is an ESTIEM project which improves and stimulates entrepreneurship among students. This goal will be achieved by different trainings, network opportunities and competitions. Businessbooster helps potential ESTIEM-entrepreneurs to start their career in entrepreneurship.




Council Meeting

Council Meeting is twice a year organised event which gathers around 200 international students together. It’s the biggest event of ESTIEM which consists of General Assembly and smaller group works that aims to develop ESTIEM’s functions and organisation in general. In addition to that, during the event new members and project coordinators of ESTIEM board are voted. After days working for ESTIEM will first-rate evening program start.


Coordination Meetings

Coordination Meeting is like a little brother for Council Meeting. During the Coordination Meeting participants talk about local questions, for example about corporation with companies. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know local ESTIEM- action and to members of neighbouring Local Groups!