Finnish culture

Finland is a country of 5.4 million people located in northern Europe. The 340 000 square kilometers area of Finland consists of beautiful lake areas, large forests and the rough wilderness in Lapland. In the south of Finland there is the Baltic Sea but elsewhere Finland is bordered by Sweden, Norway and Russia. Of these three countries Finland has formerly been part of first Sweden and then Russia. Finland became independent in 1917. Finland is a republic and nowadays our president is Sauli Niinistö.

Finland’s culture has many different and extreme elements. A great thing in Finland is the variance in the weather during the year. The snowy cold winter in Finland is quite exceptional and people from all over the world come to visit Finland during the winter time to experience it. The snow and ice enable various winter sports. Downhill skiing centers attract lots of tourists to Finland, and skiing isn’t the only thing you can do there. You can for example go skating, ice hole swimming or on a snowmobile safari.

In the summer time the weather is warm and sunny at its best. Then people spend time at their summer cottages at a lake and in the nature. The amount of summer cottages is one of the highest in the world as also the amount of lakes. During the summer there are also lots of music festivals where people like to listen to great music and get a little drunk in good company.

Cultural specialties:

When talking about the culture of Finland you just can’t forget to mention sauna. There is a sauna available for use for nearly every one living in Finland and finish people go to sauna more often than in any other country in the world.

There are many extreme some might say crazy world championship contests held in Finland every year. Just to mention few there are competitions in sitting in a ants’ nest, swamp soccer, throwing a boot and wife carrying.

Of course there are also normal sports in Finland. The most popular sports here are ice hockey and football. Internationally the national team of Finland does quite well in ice hockey but in football Finland isn’t that good at all. In Finland we have also created a version of our own of baseball, which is played pretty commonly. And as well as doing sports finish people sure like to watch different sports and cheer their own favorite teams.

As a developed country and belonging to the European Union Finland’s culture is all the time becoming more the same as the culture of other European countries. The traditional foods such as karelian pie and mämmi are still eaten but there are also kebab-pizzerias and McDonald’s restaurants in every town. But even though the cultures are becoming alike in the world, we have some really nice specialties here in Finland!