Welcome to Aalto IEM

Connecting students of IEM since 1866

The Guild of Industrial Engineering and Management Prodeko is a student organisation of students of industrial engineering, under the auspices of Aalto University Student Union. We are a rainbow of joyful, inspirational and ambitious people and we enjoy doing stuff together and having fun. We form the Prodeko community together with Aalto IEM department and our Alumni organisation. The Prodeko community is both a vast network of diverse and unique people, but also a great resource and source of inspiration for many prodekoians.

Prodeko was founded in 1966 when it became a suborganisation to major students of the IEM in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the then Helsinki University of Technology. Later, in 1989, Prodeko became its own guild. From the beginning of our group, we have been active in the Otaniemi teekkari culture, but also in the national business life.

Already from our early beginnings, our proponents have been interested in academic and business achievements as well as having plain fun. We are separated from the rest of the party people by our cheerful rainbow overalls.

Although Prodeko has concentrated on the wellbeing of Aalto University's industrial engineering and management students, it is our pleasure to welcome to join Prodeko for anyone who is interested in Prodeko and prodekokology. You can apply to Prodeko from here.