Joining Prodeko

Actual members

All undergraduate and master students of Industrial Engineering and Management in Aalto University, who have payed their membership fee, can be approved as actual members. In addition to that, the board of the guild can approve a person who has shown interest in the guild activities, is a member of AYY and has payed the guild membership fee, as an actual member.

Other members

A person, who has completed their studies and who has been a member of the guild or the Industrial Engineering and Management Club PRODEKO, can be approved as an old member of the guild. Hence, the right membership for alumni is an old member.

A person, who has shown interest in the guild activities, but can’t be approved as an actual member of the guild, can apply and be approved as an outside member of the guild.

A private person, a community of full legal capacity or a foundation supporting the guilds activities can be approved as a supporting member.

Actual, outside, old and supporting members are all approved by the board of the guild.


You can become a member by filling this form

If you use the form to apply to be a member, you have to pay a membership fee via bank transfer. Please attach a receipt of the payment to the application. 

Beneficiary: Tuotantotalouden kilta Prodeko ry
IBAN:  FI61 8000 1178 9578 42
Reference number: 13 (if you cannot set a reference number, use your name as the message instead)
Amount: 8,00€