Connection to business world


Excursions are an important and visible part of Prodeko's corporate relation activites. Hosting an excursion is an excellent way to keep touched with students and increase positive empoyer brand. An excursion organised to academically younger students gives a good image about company and that can last long, when students are applying jobs later. An excursion organised to academically older students works as a straight recruiting event when marketing interhships, master thesis positions or permanent jobs and gives an easy way to contact applicants face to face. Excursions with casual and active program are considered often more positive and gather more participants.


Prodeko has annually a few excursions also outside Helsinki metropolitan area. These companies work in different industries and the main goal of these excursion is not recruiting but to get to know new companies and their production. For a company this gives a possibility to enhance their empolyer brand and increase conciousness of own field among students.


To ask about organising an excursion or participating to excusion, please contact Minister of Excursions: excumestari(at)