Common information of studies in Aalto University School of Science


The academic year in Aalto University consists of two terms. The autumn term starts at the beginning of September and it ends in December. The spring term starts in the middle of January. Between these two terms we have Christmas holiday that lasts a couple of weeks. 
Academically, the year is also divided in five study periods. At the end of each period there is exam week. The courses you take last from one period to whole semester but exceptions may turn out as well. Typically, there are weekly assignments and an exam at the end of the course to assess your performance. There is usually chance to retake the exam in the next exam week.

In Oodi you can attend courses and exams. You can enter with your AaltoID and password. In Oodi you can register for courses and exams. You’ll also find the credits of the completed studies in Oodi. Remember to give feedback of the course you attend. It’s a win-win situation – you sometimes get one extra point for the exam and the course teacher and assistants know how to improve the course.


MyCourses is the place to start for course information. It has all the practical information of the courses you are taking. In MyCourses you’ll find the schedule, assignments and deadlines. The contact information of the professors and course assistants is also available in MyCourses. In case you need any assistance or have questions related to the course, we suggest that you email the main assistant to get a quick reply.  Grades are usually published there at the end of a course.



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Who to contact?


Planning Officer Tarja Timonen (, +358 50 560 3078)

- Curriculum
- Credit transfer
- Student admissions

Study Affairs Secretary Anne Johansson (, +358 50 560 9502)

- Counselling of master's students
- Study plans
- Practical training
- Master's thesis
- Maturity test
- Graduation

Study advisors (

- Planning your studies